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Our Eddy Current Separator (ECS) rotor can be used to separate material down to as small as 5mm from similar sized non-metals. As with all separation systems, the separation efficiency is improved if the product is screened to a similar size (ideally /-50%). A higher force is generated in larger material and so typically a higher separation efficiency would be achieved. Ideally material should be screen into 2/3 streams for maximum recovery.

The 1-5mm particles should ideally be screened out as all they will do is load the belt unnecessarily reducing overall capacity. It is safe to say that you will not get any separation from the ECS for particles below 5mm, for this size fraction it is probably best to useone of our wet separator.


More about separators

For shredded E-waste the typical average capacity of ECS is about 1 ton per hour per metre of rotor width (depending on size split).

The plant we have completed now (see drawings attached) has some unique features and the scope of supply is something special.


The ECS rotor is our unique design, high performance “eccentric rotor” that is integrated into a mini-plant-skid layout with magnetic vibrating feeder unit feeding onto a radial steel pole magnetic drum for ferrous particle removal and then also an adjustable splitter module at the Eddy Current discharge.


The whole system has some design improvements on almost every component based on our experience of these units in the past. Apart from the standard components, something special about this plant is also the control panel and its features – it has vibrating feeder controller card and also VSD’s for the magnet drum, ECS belt motor and ECS rotor motor. The panel is PLC controlled with an HMI interface.

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What type is it?

The proven construction rotor-drum-belt type. A rotating permanent magnet assembly (the rotor) produces the magnetic field. The repulsion force is added to the momentum from the belt travel, to thrown conductive particles forward from the drum. Non-conductive particles follow their normal trajectory; ferrous particles travel around the drum and fall from the belt.

The advantages of this type are:

  • High throughput

  • Simple feeding arrangement

  • Wide range particle size

How does it work?

Electronically conductive particles introduced into a rapidly changing magnetic field have circulating electric currents induced in them – so called“ Eddy Currents”. These currents produce a magnetic field in the particles. The reaction of the two magnetic fields produces a repulsion force on the particles.

What does it comprise of?

A machined high tensile carbon steel shaft onto which are assembled ‘rare earth’ Neodymium- iron-Boron permanent magnets. DRUM High strength 3mm thick glass fibre

2 ply, 2mm Polyester with 0.4mm PVC wear cover

Standard 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor, 2 pole, 3000r/min

Motorised pulley ‘Joki’ type or similar – belt speed up to 2.5m/sec

Robust, carbon steel section fabrication with suitable guards.

What is needed for a successful installation?

Suitable means for providing a controlled even feed the belt - usually by the vibrating feeder. Ferrous metal removal system. If more than a small amount is present in the material to be processed - usually a rotary or overband magnet is required. Ferrous metals (if any) waste and product discharge chutes , with or without adjustable 'Splitters' depending on the material to be processed. Electrical control panel including 'Soft Start' and speed controller for the rotor and for the motorised pulley.

What will it do?

Recover non-ferrous material from granulated waste products, size range 5 to 200mm. Typically it is used as a unit operating in the processing of:

  • Electronic cable scrap / eWaste / WEEE

  • Rejects from shredder plants

  • Glass Cullet

  • Avionic and electronic scrap

  • Household refuse

  • Metal slag mixtures

Other similar equipment:

  • Lifting Magnets & Magnetic Separators

  • Wet and dry drum magnetic separators low and medium intensity

  • DC power supplies (transformer rectifiers)

  • Chute and grate magnets

  • Permroll magnetic separators with ferrite or rare earth permanent magnets


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