Why to recycle?

Because the garbage is not a waste!


When the materials get recycled, the new raw materials are generated and reduced the need for using of natural resources, which are diminishing every day.

Raw material resources are limited and if we do not treat them with responsibly, mankind could be in the future faced with a lack of precious ores, oil, wood...

Recycling reduces the amount of trash, reduces pollution and saves the energy. The production from raw materials, i.e. all processes which obtain ores and raw materials result in pollution and consume more energy.

By recycling from the waste are re-extracted raw materials that are essential in getting of new products. It is also known that recycling is a very good job and there are always many customers for raw materials.

What do we offer to You?

We are specialized in manufacturing machines by which you can in the 100% environmentally friendly way recycle old cables, radiators, batteries, electric (electronic) waste, etc. Thus, by recycling of waste cables you can get new raw materials, as plastics/rubber on one side and the copper or aluminium on the other side.

Purity of the fractions obtained is very high without the admixture of other materials in what you can convince yourselves by browsing our site, or you can come personally to us and try out all offered machinery.

Wet separation system has proven itself particularly successfully in recycling of very fine wire and cable, as opposed to dry separation, there is no loss of copper, i.e. particles of copper do not finish in the plastic. At dry separation losses are up to 10% (and that is very a very nice profit).

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