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"METAL-MARKETING" Ltd. , founded by Ljubomir Kramarić, had it's modest beginning in 1993 Zagreb. Company back then had only one employee (the owner). Since then, a son, Andreas Kramarić has taken full ownership and management over the company. While father provided a starting point, son has taken the bussiness several steps higher. Company has sold hundreads of machines worldwide, covering all continents and over 40 countries. The company has a family tradition and decades of acumulated engineering, management and busines experience. We are very proud to achieve such big numbers from just a small workshop with only 5 employes

By monitoring the needs and market conditions and trends in waste management (increasing environmental standards) in Croatia, and mostly in the European Union countries, we began in early 2010 a very expensive and complicated project, "Manufacturing of machines for ecological recycling of non-ferrous secondary raw materials (waste cables, batteries, radiators, electronics, etc.)." Our own development team has developed the recycling line for copper and aluminium cables at 100% environmentally friendly way. In a very short time we managed to sell all the machines manufactured on the demanding foreign markets (France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Portugal, UK, USA, ...), and largest recoverer of EE-waste in Croatia, the company "Spectra-Media" Ltd., and several local companies.


We carry on our business activities in manufacturing facilities area of approx. 400 m2 in the village of Donje Psarjevo, near the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina, and we are well connected with the highway Zagreb-Varaždin.

Today, the company is engaged in the following activities:

  • Manufacture of machinery and equipment for the ecological recycling of metallic secondary raw materials - the separators (aluminium and copper cables, automobile and industrial radiators, batteries, electronic waste, etc.),
  • producing the granulators of different capacity for grinding of waste cables, rubber, plastic,...
  • Constructing conveyors and conveyor belts for primary processed secondary raw materials.
  • Procurement and sale of other machinery for recycling (we have a network of partners with whom we cooperate successfully).

Today, the company generates over 90% of total revenue from the export of equipment for the recycling of secondary raw materials Worldwide. Our customers have recognized the quality of our workmanship, design, technical support and energy-environmental components of the machines with a significantly lower price than other producers of similar equipment. Substantial investment in improving the quality of finished products, have helped us in retaining of market competitiveness on international markets, raised customer satisfaction and increased the trust in our company.

Equipment meets all standards and guidelines of environmental waste treatment applied Worldwide.


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